If I'm not creating something, you will find me deep in the wild, throwing myself into new challenges.


Scarlett Aubrey

Hey, My name is Scarlett Aubrey.
I am a Visual Communication* Designer
(a.k.a graphic designer).

I love working on projects no matter the size, from small 'Mum & Pop Shops' to corporate. I'm compelled by the stories told—both consciously and subconsciously. I draw on raw instinct and refine it to create purposeful work. I strive for my designs to tell a story with an emotional connection while remaining true to the subject. I studied graphic design, illustration, and film at Capilano University in beautiful British Columbia, Canada. I also spent time learning motion graphics and technical web design at the British Columbia Institute of Technology (BCIT) in order to enhance my skill set. 

*What is visual communication?
In short, It's a story told to another person(s) in a visual way. This could be through print or digital media. All of these create a lasting 'gut feeling', a connection and recognition to whom you want to communicate with.