My name is Scarlett Aubrey. I am a visual communication designer interested in humanity and the stories told both consciously and subconsciously. I draw on raw instinct and refine it to create powerful, purposeful work. I strive for my designs to tell a story with an emotional connection while remaining true to the subject. I studied graphic design, illustration, and film at Capilano University. I also spent some time learning motion graphics and technical web design at BCIT in order to supplement my skill set. 

What is visual communication?
In short, It's a story told to another person(s) in a visual way. This could be through print media, illustration, or digital media. All of these create a lasting 'gut feeling', a connection and recognition to whom you want to communicate with.

If i'm not creating something, It would be no surprise to find me embedded deep in the mountains—my natural habitat—or challenging myself to new adventures.